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Protecting Your Rights under the Jones Act

The Jones Act allows seamen to make claims for damages against their employers for the negligence of a shipowner, captain, or fellow members of the crew. Commercial divers are in most cases considered "seamen," and are therefore protected by this act. The attorneys in our group have a long track record of successful legal action under the Jones Act, as well as under general maritime law.

In addition to claims of negligence, a seaman under this act is entitled to maintenance and cure. This is the legal requirement of an employer to provide the injured with medical care, as well as with basic living expenses while they are recovering. The medical costs related to these types of injuries are often extensive. If you were injured on a commercial diving job, it is critical that you contact a Texas commercial dive accident lawyer at once for an aggressive legal response.

Jones Act Attorney in Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast

Though you have rights under these laws, it can be very tough to obtain full compensation without a skilled lawyer to guide you. The instant a commercial diving injury occurs, your employer's insurance company will go to work at reducing the eventual settlement in any way possible. Evidence gathered by them will be skewed towards reducing your claim's value or denying your claim outright. Employers also may not explain all you are entitled to, in an effort to avoid paying large settlement amounts. The attorneys at our group aggressively navigate through an insurance company and employer tactics designed to reduce recovery. Utilizing the Jones Act, and other aspects of maritime law, we can relentlessly pursue a maximum recovery. Call us today to discuss your case and what legal provisions may exist to benefit you and your family.

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