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At MRAS, we believe in providing each client with attentive customer service and personal attention to understand their case and to implement a strategy to conclude the case successfully for our clients. We have a commitment to excellence and practice law with the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. Lawyers at our firm are dedicated to not only meeting; but, exceeding client expectations. 

We have helped many clients with claims for substantial and significant recoveries, in appropriate cases. At MRAS, we believe our success comes from building strong and lasting relationships with our clients and our community. Our qualified accident attorneys are able to assist clients throughout Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend, Galveston, and Lake Jackson, as well as throughout the State of Texas. 

It is our privilege and honor to serve our clients with legitimate legal needs and we are proud to assist good people in difficult circumstances. It’s our aim to obtain the most reasonable and best outcome for our clients. If we are able to do that short of trial, through negotiations demands and mediations, those options will be explored and effort made. If the case requires a trial in the Civil Courts, we will work diligently to see that the case is prepared with an eye towards the proper presentation of evidence and success at trial. 

Call and talk about your case at 713-888-0080, and we can attempt to assist you to understand your legal rights and take charge of your future, after the losses you have suffered.

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