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Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, is a distinct body of law, which covers maritime issues and offenses. Attorneys at our group have in-depth experience with the complexities of maritime law, the Jones Act and commercial diving litigation. If you have suffered commercial dive accident injuries, you are urged to contact a commercial dive accident lawyerfor aggressive representation.

Sometimes commercial diver accidents occur due to negligence, and sometimes not. There are various options for compensation that our team can assist you with in either case. Causes of commercial diving injuries include incorrect air/gas mixtures, differential pressure, faulty or improperly maintained equipment, improperly trained crew, inadequate supervisionand unsafe dive conditions. As a commercial diver, you rely on a quality team of maritime workers to ensure a safe operation during your dive. Neglect on behalf of any of these workers, or problematic equipment, can lead to significant injuries. Negligence can often be difficult to prove, and the attorney you choose can make all the difference in your case outcome. Our team will conduct an extensive and thorough investigation into the matter and compile the evidence that will be needed.

Dedicated Maritime Law Representation in Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast Available

We are tough negotiators and litigators that do not back down if faced with employer and insurance company efforts to minimize the value of your case. If the carrier refuses to settle for a fair amount, we can pursue other legal options. You can take confidence in our attorneys' vast knowledge of maritime law. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality legal support.

Texas and Louisiana Commercial Dive Accident Attorney

Injured in a commercial diving accident?

Commercial diving and offshore work are highly dangerous fields that can lead to serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries, when things go wrong.  For those working in the maritime industry  who have suffered injuries, retaining a skilled Texas or Louisiana commercial dive accident and maritime attorney needs to be a priority if you are to receive the compensation you deserve.  Few attorneys  have the expertise in representing clients for commercial diving injuries, which can include brain injuries, burns, decompression sickness, disfigurement, as well as fatal injuries, gas embolisms, hypoxia, and paralysis.  Attorneys of McLemore, Reddell, & Story, PLLC and, lawyers of counsel to our firm, provide our clients with a unique background equal in cases involving all manner of commercial dive accidentsand maritime claims.  Attorney Joe Walker, of counsel to our firm, is the only lawyer ever to be a Saturation Diver with a North Sea Bell Certification Card, giving you an edge when you are seeking representation from someone who knows what you are going through.  Lawyer's in our group have won multi-million dollar verdicts in diver personal injury cases, maritime injury claims, personal injury and products liability cases alike. Choosing our group could improve your chances of recovering  a meaningful settlement or obtaining victory at trial. Every case is different, but having a legal professional familiar with your case who is able to explain and help you understand your rights is important.

There are many reasons why commercial diving accidents occur, but many are due to unsafe dive conditions due to employers failing to follow OSHA safety guidelines.  If you have been injured through a round window rupture, contaminated gas, differential pressure, faulty or improperly maintained equipment, improperly trained crew, or inadequate supervision, let our aggressive legal team get to work putting your claim together in order to maximize your potential settlement.  Injuries can occur due to carelessness with incorrect air/gas mixtures, incorrect compression tables, or uncontrolled decompression.  They can also happen when there is a drowning or near-drowning, an offshore construction accident, out-of-air emergency, or an underwater welding accident.

Commercial Diving Injuries in Texas ,Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico

As the injuries sustained in a commercial dive can greatly impact your life, you need thorough and hard-hitting attorneys who are familiar with all the relevant laws applicable to your case, including the Jones Act, maintenance and cure, maritime law, job hazard analysis, as well as the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act and Death on the High Seas Act.  Our familiarity with these laws allows us to work towards using effective and proven means of  documenting your injuries and claim in an appropriate and effective manner.  Our aim is to see that our clients receive  just compensation as quickly as possible and as much as possible to fully recover from your injuries and return to enjoyment of your life. 

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