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Were you involved in an offshore construction accident?

Constructing and maintaining oil and gas pipelines is a very dangerous job. If you were injured during an offshore construction accident during the course of an inspection, non-destructive testing or drilling of a pipeline, you may be entitled to compensation. Offshore construction and drilling have increased, and not every company follows safety procedures 100% of the time. Your accident may have been caused by faulty or improperly maintained equipment, inadequately trained crew or lack of proper supervision. If you think your accident may have been caused by employer negligence, you need a commercial dive accident attorney to protect your interests.

When you need legal representation, you want the best. Attorneys of our group have the experience and skill needed to fight your case effectively. Offshore construction accident cases can easily feel overwhelming and confusing. Let us formulate your case for you. Our goal is to get just compensation for you soon after your injury as quickly as possible. This time is stressful enough, and your health should be your main concern. Once you become our client, we will fight aggressively on your behalf so you no longer have to worry. Although we cannot erase what has happened, we can help you move forward.

Commercial Dive Accident Attorney in Texas

The Jones Act covers professional divers injured in an offshore commercial diving accident. This law was made to protect seamen against employers who are negligent or who have created an unsafe work environment. Under the Jones Act, injured seamen are allowed to make a claim against their employer for the carelessness of the captain, the owner of the ship, or any member of the crew. As a professional diver, you are also entitled to seek a trial by jury for your case. We understand how to fight your case using the Jones Act. Let our group work to create a strong case for you. As soon as you become our client, your priorities become ours.

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