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Have you suffered from an injury or lost a family member due to a drilling rig or oil rig accident?

Working in the oil and gas industry can be dangerous. Accidents and injuries are inevitable due to equipment failure, personnel mistakes, and extreme circumstances caused by blowouts and equipment malfunction.

Wrecks and other disasters also occur, during long overland trips in remote locations. Roughnecks and other workers are covered under a variety of different laws, like OSHA, Workman’s Compensation, Products Liability, Third Party Insurance, and other scenarios.  The nature of the work will determine which law will be applicable, under the circumstances.  Don’t let the company man or insurance company dictate what the facts are, without knowing your rights.

Questions of status arise as to whether or not an injured person or decedent qualifies as a seaman, maritime worker or oil and gas worker. Depending on the plaintiff's status, different remedies will be available.

There are also difficult issues as to whether maritime remedies are available or whether other federal remedies or even state remedies apply.

Many areas of the law can be confusing, befuddling, and inconsistent. Rig Workers have specified legal rights under various Common Law, Congressional Acts, and State Laws.

Because of the complexity of the law, an injured worker or their family should contact a qualified attorney to protect your legal rights and secure your future.  Call our office at 713-888-0080

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