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After a serious auto accident, many people end up with medical bills that they cannot afford to pay. Emergency room visits, extended hospital stays, surgeries, and therapy sessions all place a significant financial strain on injured victims.

As we pursue your case, the auto accident lawyers at MRAS will help with coordination of medical benefits offered by your health insurance company, your own auto insurance medical payments coverage, and the liability insurance of the person responsible for your injuries. Our lawyers have a standing history in helping clients successfully manage their medical bills; we consider it an important component of providing our clients with complete representation following an accident, as well as proving damages.

The timing and selection of which medical bills are submitted to which insurance companies can be crucial to the financial outcome of any serious auto accident case. The net result of your settlement may be greatly increased simply by managing these submissions properly.

Improper handling of these matters can also have a dramatic effect on a person's credit rating. Medical providers will threaten to turn these bills over to the collection, and collection agencies will, after a certain period of time, report delinquent medical bills to the three major credit reporting agencies. There are, however, techniques to defer payment of the medical bills, have them paid by insurance, or, in certain cases, have the medical bills waived or significantly reduced. Our accident lawyers have refined these techniques over 30 years of handling accident cases, and we routinely use them to our clients' advantage.

Another common issue that pops up in most auto accident cases (and, for that matter, most personal injury cases of any kind) has to do with a medical lien. Most healthcare providers take the position that they are entitled to a portion of the injured person's recovery in order to reimburse them for the amount that they (the healthcare provider) have paid for medical care. Not all of these claims are valid, and it is important to have an experienced attorney analyze them. In many situations, there is no justification for the alien at all, and in other situations, it can be significantly reduced. This is a rather complex area of the law, and it requires the attention of a skilled attorney. The attorneys at MRAS P.L.L.C deal with medical liens on an everyday basis, and we have the experience necessary to stand up for your rights against large healthcare providers.

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