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Business Torts:

1) Breach Of Written Contract
2) Breach Of Oral/Verbal Contract
3) Promissory Estoppel
4) Fraud - Intentional Misrepresentation
5) Fraud - False Promise
6) Fraud - Negligent Misrepresentation
7) Fraud - Failure To Disclose
8) Unjust Enrichment
9) Breach Of Fiduciary Duty
10) Deceptive Trade Practices
11) Unfair Competition
12) Theft Of Trade Secrets
13) Tortious Interference With A Contract
14) Tortious Interference With Prospective Business Relations
15) Slander
16) Libel

In order to determine which of these causes of action may apply to your situation, we will need to discuss the facts with you. Call our office at 713-888-0080 to find out more about your rights.

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