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Houston Construction Law and Injury Lawyers

The lawyers at MRAS have experience with injuries that arise on construction sites, whether they be on a general construction site, like a home builders site, a refinery, ship, barge or other place where construction takes place.   Construction accident injuries can be more severe because of the different equipment and conditions at work in construction.  Sometimes the equipment used may be defective, causing a construction case to also include products liability issues as well.  Even the types of jobs that are expected of workers can cause them to endure unreasonably dangerous circumstances.

Construction sites are treated differently by the laws in each state.  Though you cannot sue your direct employer in most states, mostly due to worker’s compensation involvement, you may have a case against the property and land owners, subcontractors and contractors involved with your construction site.  This is called a third party lawsuit.

For example, if you had fallen from a substantial height and were injured, you may be able to sue the scaffoldig company.

  This may also apply to any defective equipment you may have been supplied with.

  Under the law, you must be provided with a safe work area.  Even though what you believe to be safe may be different than what the law allows, our lawyers can assess your case to determine.  Our lawyers have over 50 years combined of legal experience to help you with your case.  Together we can assess and guide you through the many different laws, regulations and pitfalls that await even honest hardworking workers. Our firm primaril handles what are referred to as third party cases, rather than direct actions against employers protected by Workman’s Compensation Insurance.  That is when the incident that you were involved in was the cause of someone’s neglect other than your employer.  However, if you need help with beginning workers compensation benefits we can start you in that process while evaluating your potential third party case.

  Give us a call at 713-888-0080 and get your free consultation on your case.  Or, you can fill out an inquiry on this site and schedule to talk to a lawyer today.


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